In his statement he went so far as to compare the Mejlis with the Right Sector, an organization which is banned in Russia, reports TASS.

“The Right Sector has been labeled an extremist organization and therefore banned in Russia. We should ask ourselves whether the organization headed by Jemilev and Chubarov engages in the same destructive and anti-national activities. If they and organizations, which are banned in Russia, go on committing acts of terrorisms, they will end up being banned in Russia,” says Balbek.

The Vice Premier stressed that Right Sector members and Crimean Tatar activists headed by Jemilev and Chubarov are currently blockading Crimea by preventing Ukrainian products from reaching the peninsula.

A quick reminder: Chubarov and Jemilev are already under a 5-year ban on entering Russia and Crimea. A criminal case has also been initiated against Chubarov for ‘encroachment on territorial integrity of the Russian Federation’.

The Mejlis is the single highest executive-representative body of the Crimean Tatars. The main goal of the Mejlis is the liquidation of consequences of genocide conducted by the Soviet state in regard to the Crimean Tatars (Surgun of 1944), reinstatement of national and political rights of the Crimean Tatar people and realization of their rights on the free national state self-determination on its national territory.