(QHA) -

Head of Legal Department of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Teyfuk Gafarov was appointed vice-mayor of Simferopol, August 19.

46 deputies out of 58 voted in favor, 12 deputies abstained.

The decision had to be approved at government session August 6, still the question was removed from the agenda, as the draft project had not been approved till then.

According to Simferopol mayor, Gafarov will deal with issues of deportees and issues of trade in Simferopol.

To recall, Mejlis head Refat Chubarov on August 6 commenting Gafarov’s possible appointment said “The Kremlin and its protégés are trying to use Crimean Tatar factor and to create illusion of involvement of Crimean Tatars in realization of Russia’s expansion plans towards Crimea”.

"Hence, there is unprecedented rise in pressure on Mejlis members, finding of those not able to withstand the pressure. Among those unable to withstand such pressure is Teyfuk Gafarov”- Chubarov said.