(QHA) -

Presidium of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people issued a statement regarding the incident occurred in Paris January 7, when 8 journalists - including the magazine's editor - died along with a caretaker, a visitor and two policemen when masked men armed with assault rifles stormed the Charlie Hebdo offices during an editorial meeting on Wednesday. Eleven people were also wounded, some seriously.

“The terrorist act which took place Jan7 in Charlie Hebdo office arouses feeling of resentment in the hearts of every people regardless of their nationality and religion.

The organizers of the terrorist act, which killed 12 and wounded 11 people, should be given the strictest punishment, provided by the legislature ofFrance.

Crimean Tatar people which suffered the consequences of government terror of XX century, executed against the indigenous people of Crimea expresses its deep condolence to French people and families of those died in Charlie Hebdo attack”- reads the statement of Mejlis.