Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people believes that the results of population census in Crimea, do not represent the facts, first deputy head of Mejlis Nariman Dzhelal told in an interview with Krym.realii.

According to the results of the census, number of Russians and Crimean Tatars has increased in Crimea, while number of Ukrainians has decreased. Crimean Tatars now make 232,3 people, which is 10,6% of Crimean population, while 2% of Crimeans said to be Tatars, according to the census.

“We have never set our hopes on the census. We have never urged Crimean Tatars to boycott the census, neither we have called on them to participate. We let them decide on the issue themselves. The figures mean little for me”- Dzhelal said.

Dzhelal noted that the fact that Crimean Tatars make 280,000 people of the population “invites a lot of questions”.

“We had such number in the nineties, still the situation has changed. According to experts, the fertility rate of Crimean Tatars, unlike other nations in Crimea is high, so Mejlis members expressed their concern over the census results"- he said.