Court hearing on Mejlis building was postponed till April 23 as Crimea Fund charitable organization has filed a lawsuit against Crimea court’s decision to seize the building.

Crimean court Sept 17 ordered the head of the Crimea Fund and member of the Mejlis, Riza Shevkiyev to ‘evacuate’ the building of Mejlis within 24 hours. All property was seized and nobody was allowed to enter.

The official grounds cited for the move were a writ issued by the Central District Court of Simferopol on Sept 15 (case № 2-1688/14).

This document prohibited the charity fund from carrying out any of its powers as owner of the Mejlis headquarters and six other addresses, including its right to lease or sell the properties.  If the Fund failed to comply with this court order, it could face criminal prosecution.

This writ has been issued “to defend the interests of an unspecified circle of individuals” in a law suit against the Crimea Fund.