Alexander Rodzinsky, a mayoral candidate and City Council’s deputy, has been physically assaulted, says a message posted on the mayoral candidate’s Facebook page.

“At about 11.30 p.m., I drove up to my house, parked the car and entered the house. Suddenly, a man wearing a balaclava emerged from the darkness and hit me on the head with a stick. I fell on the back and raised my feet trying to shield myself from his blows. But it wasn’t my feet he was going for but my head,” said Rodzinsky.

According to the deputy, his criticism of Acting Kharkov Mayor Gennady Kernes caused him to be assaulted.

“I am the only deputy and mayoral candidate who is not afraid of criticizing Kerness and uncovering scams at Kharkov’s City Council. That means a big blow to his ratings and lesser likelihood of him winning by landslide in the first round. Kernes has to deal with the problem by using all means available in order to make me silent,” says the deputy.

The fact that Rodzinsky has been assaulted has been confirmed by the Internal Ministry’s Communications Department, reports Interfaks-Ukraina.

“At 11.30 p.m. he was physically assaulted and inflicted bodily harm on by an unidentified individual. He was diagnosed with closed head injury and admitted to hospital. His condition is reported as stable. Under Section 2 of Article 15 and Section 1 of Article 115 (attempted murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a criminal case has been initiated,” reads a statement issued by the Internal Ministry’s Communications Department.