Rostislav Storozhik, Mayor of the town of Koktebel, has been found hanged this morning, Kryminform news agency reports, citing its own source. According to the source, there may be some criminal undertones associated with Storozhik’s death.

“We think he was hanged, because last night he was pretty active. He went to see the head of the local police station and had no intention of hanging himself. I don’t think it's a mere suicide, so there will be a criminal case initiated,” said the source.

According to a law enforcement source, Storozhik lived in a cottage located on the grounds of Primorye recreational facility. His wife found him in the bathroom at approximately 10.00 a.m. - 10.20 a.m. She removed the noose from her husband’s neck while he was still alive, but failed to save his life before the ambulance arrived and EMTs pronounced him dead. According to the source, there are reasons to believe that incitement to suicide might have taken place.

The police have not yet confirmed Storozhik’s death, while the Crimean government is declining to comment on the information.

In July, residents of Koktebel and nearby settlements complained of a rising crime rate after the local police station was made into a strong point.

Storozhik was appointed Head of Koktebel Town Council pursuant to an order issued by Feodosiya City Administration on April 28, 2015.

Born in 1974, Rostislav Storozhik had 11 years’ experience working as Director of Kyiv-based branch of UTN-East LLC, Deputy Director, Head of the Audit Department at Vesta Service LLC, Chief Technologist at Feodosia Oil Enterprise, and Head of Vostok LLC.