Saturday Sept. 19, Alushta citizens held a rally against high prices for housing and public utilities, expressing their dissatisfaction with the economic policy of the occupation authorities, reported local media, whereas the majority of Crimean media are silent about the rally.

It looks absolutely logical since the action was staged by local oppositional Communists, and one of the demands was to dismiss the United Russia, since its authorities have been declared as "anti-people" one.

According to media reports, hundreds of people gathered in the square in front of the City Council and boiled over the unbearable rates with the help of which United Russia has almost crushed the citizens. The protesters are sure that despite hike in utility tariffs, neither their volume, nor quality has increased.

Citizens expressed their distrust towards authorities note, passed their own resolution, signed by 655 people, and sent the document to Vladimir Putin, Sergei Aksyonov and Igor Sotov, Head of Alushta City Council.

Discontent in Crimea is growing against a backdrop of emerging product problems. As reported earlier, the prices for goods are stepping up, but Crimean occupation authorities say there are no problems with goods since the peninsula has substituted Ukrainian products with imported ones.