Maria Gaydar, Deputy Head of Odessa Administration, has been removed from a meeting of one of the polling stations’ committees, wrote Gaydar on her Facebook page.

“Members of the electoral committee at polling station #286, where I was present during vote count, voted for having me expelled from the station. Their reasoning was that I was interfering with the election process,” wrote Gaydar.

“It all started after our monitors pointed out a mismatch between the actual number of voters and the number of ballot papers cast – something like 100 ballots. The rest of the monitors and members of the committee who represented democratic forces did not seem to mind such violations. It’s very shameful indeed that the Samopomich Party let its representatives be so intimidated that they neither dared protest the Chairman’s actions nor approach the tables where vote count was taking place,” Gaydar wrote.

Gaydar went to Primorskoye Police Precinct to file a report about the violations.

It was reported earlier by QHA that an exit poll commissioned by Savik Shuster put Gennady Trukhanov, Odessa’s current Mayor, in the lead with 47,6% of votes. Trukhanov is followed by Alexander Borovik with 30,8% of votes and Eduard Gurvits with 9,6%.