Alexander Kostenko, a Ukrainian activist, has been subjected to humiliation by his cellmates.

Dmitriy Sotnikov, Kostenko’s lawyer, has made a statement to this effect at a press conference held at UNIAN news agency in Kiev on August 18, 2015. Kostenko has been sentenced to a 4 year jail term by a Crimean court .

“They kept slapping or lightly beating his broken hand. That left no traces on the skin but tended to have a devastating effect on his morale. They must have done that following an order given to them by the chief warden. They also brought him to the chief warden’s office where the chief warden threatened to have 13 other inmates, also present there, do all kinds of things to Kostenko unless he cooperated. After a complaint was lodged with a superior authority, the threats had stopped,” Dmitry Sotnikov told the journalists at the press conference.

Sotnikov claims the case is politically motivated, which is why officers conducting investigation will be seeking any excuses to have his defendant sentenced to a lengthy prison term. The reason for such a claim is that while searching Kostenko’s apartment, they had found a gun barrel. No witnesses were present at the time the search was being carried out, no photographs of the barrel were taken against the apartment’s background, and no fingerprints were taken from the gun barrel. That means that the search procedure was not followed properly.

Simferopol’s Kievskiy district court has sentenced pro-Ukrainian activist Alexander Kostenko to 4 years and 2 months, to be served in a correctional facility. Kostenko was charged with attempted murder of a Berkut police officer during the events in Kiev in February 2014.

Natalya Poklonskaya, Prosecutor General of Crimea, spoke at the trial on behalf of the prosecution. According to the investigating officers, Kostenko illegally possessed firearms by keeping a gun barrel in his apartment in Simferopol.