Leader of the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko called on the Ukrainian President not to obstruct investigation launched by the anticorruption prosecutor’s office into allegations of corruption Minister for Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromyavichus made against Igor Kononenko yesterday.

“Failure to act has landed Ukraine and its Parliament in a deep political crisis. Not only are we witnessing the coalition crisis but also the government one. By tendering his resignation and accusing Igor Kononenko, the President’s friend, of corruption, Minister for Economic Development Aivaras Abromyavichus sent out a signal to the entire world. This is a test of how responsible we are and whether we can fight corruption effectively. We cannot pretend that nothing has happened because that will only exacerbate the crisis and cause the ultimate undoing of the coalition. I am calling on the President’s business partner Igor Kononenko to resign as an MP and let the anticorruption prosecutor’s office to investigate allegations made by Abromyavichus. Pyotr Alekseyevich, I’m urging you to stop covering up the misdeeds of your friend,” Lyashko said.