Lutsenko: Yanukovitch will be convicted next year

In an interview with the Right to Power TV show aired on November 19, Yuriy Lutsenko, Leader of the Pyotr Poroshenko Block parliamentary faction, said that the former Ukrainian President would be tried and convicted next year.

20 November 2015 09:00

Yuriy Lutsenko voiced his firm belief that Ukrainians would witness Yanukovitch and his henchmen being tried in open court as early as January.

“However, I would suggest, and this is well within the powers of the Parliament, setting up special departments in courts responsible for investigating crimes against the Maidan. That way nobody will be acting irresponsibly when dealing with this high-profile crime”, said the MP.

Lutsenko also mentioned the lack of reforms in the court system which is seriously hampering a full-fledged investigation.

“I’m positive that Yanukovitch will be tried and convicted next year,” said Lutsenko.