Alexander Lukashenko is against non-traditional families. The president of Belarus informed the world during a speech at the UN General Assembly.

According to Ukrinform, Lukashenko said that the Belarus government remains a consistent supporter of traditional values and denounces the "social innovations" in other countries:

- We are very concerned about destruction of the traditional family taking place in many countries. Especially, we do not like it when we are called to depart from moral rules and acknowledge various social "innovations" as natural.

Lukashenko also said in some countries the basic foundations of human society are being tried severely as called for maximum freedom. He promised to do everything possible for "our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their offsprings to keep nationally adopted moral values, good spiritual and cultural traditions".

President of Belarus believes that the non-traditional approach to family and social values can lead to a split between different cultures, produce rigid religious rejection and even international conflicts. He called for "social innovators" to consider the consequences of their behavior.