Speaking at his trial, Gennady Korban has made some loud statements, such as that Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko prevented him from exchanging Nadezhda Savchenko for a certain Natalya Ivanova, who was in the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) custody in Kiev at the time, reports Channel 24.

According to Korban, he got in touch with Bezler right after Savchenko was taken prisoner in the Lugansk region. Bezler said he was willing to exchange her for some of his men. Following that, Korban and Vera Savchenko, Nadezhda’s sister, arrived at the Presidential Administration where Korban had a meeting with Boris Lozhkin.

“The President was not available back then, so I spoke with Lozhkin. I told him an exchange was possible and he basically agreed to it but said there were some tricky details to consider first. As a result, the exchange never went through, because Poroshenko did not authorize it,” said Korban.

Korban went on to say that his case is being fabricated by the same prosecutors who fabricated Timoshenko case, UNIAN reports.

“There is a group of investigators headed by a certain Bozhylo who are now busy collecting evidence to initiate several criminal cases against myself. Velychko and Rudyk are the names of the two of them,” – said Korban.

Korban pointed at the prosecutors present in the court room and said they were the ones who cynically convicted Timoshenko of the crimes she was acquitted of after the Maidan revolution.

“So, what are seeing now is that this Bozhylo group, which the prosecutors present here are part of, is the same group responsible for fabricating Yulia Timoshenko case on Yanukovich’s orders,” said Korban.