On her Facebook page, journalist Lilya Budzhurova shared the details of an illegal search conducted by occupation authorities at her place.

“I will neither comment on the search carried out at my place nor ‘the legal grounds’ for it. Well, it’s their job, anyway. And that is the way Crimea is nowadays. What really hurts me is that I had to give my 83-year old mother, who committed no crime, lots of heart pills before escorting her to the bathroom past masked and machine gun-wielding men.

And what crime did my 8-year old granddaughter commit? I had to wake her, still warm from her morning sleep, by saying: “Don’t be scared. Please, don’t”. But she did get scared a lot. Looking at me with her tiny soot-black eyes and constantly repeating ‘I’m not scared’, she suddenly asked: “How come the men have machine guns? Are they going to shoot us?" And as she was saying that I could feel her small legs shivering,” writes Lilya Budzhurova.

According to Budzhurova, she would never forget what had happened. She continued her story by recalling an accident involving her grandson who got beat up for his pro-Ukrainian stance and refusal to study Russian.

“Six months ago I experienced the same kind of shock. Well, it was actually much worse. Back then, I was in a hospital where my grandson Rushen was being operated on. My 12-year old boy got beat up by his former classmates who called him a traitor. His only guilt was that he used to study at a school where classes got taught in Ukrainian and he wanted to go on studying in a Ukrainian class. However, his classmates chose a Russian class. Rushen had his testicles so badly crushed he had to be operated on.

His parents filed a claim with the Prosecutor’s Office but it got turned down. The only thing I was able to do about this whole situation was vent my frustration at school. Back then, ATR was still broadcasting in Crimea, but I could not use my position to go public with the story.

Even after what happened, my grandson refused to be enrolled in a different school. And it seems like the teachers and principal have been more responsible ever since. But I will never forget about it,” says Lilya Budzhurova.

The journalist urged to scare neither her family nor her homeland with machine guns, saying that she is old enough to know her priorities and defend them.

It was reported earlier that other journalists and ATR personnel, as well as individuals linked with Lenur Islyamov, had their homes searched. In this way Crimean authorities are trying to intimidate Crimean Tatars who are brave enough to openly object to occupation of Crimea.