According to the media, today, the National Power Company "Ukrenergo" completed restoring one of the four damaged power lines leading to Crimea. However, the "Ukrenergo" press service has neither confirmed this information during a phone talk, nor posted any relating information on its official website.

A correspondent with the QHA (Crimean News Agency) got in touch with blockade organizer Lenur Islyamova for more details from the scene.

- Yes, we have allowed the repairmen to approach the damaged power lines, so currently one of them is ready for operation. As for the other three, we will allow to restore them only in exchange for our political prisoners. This means that as far as Ukrainian citizens are released, the repair works on the damaged power lines will be carried out, said Lenur Islyamov.

As reported earlier, the important social objects of the peninsula have been connected to the emergency power sources. The Russian invaders also have launched mobile power plants and diesel generators saying they will provide Crimea with fuel for a month. Due to the Crimean blackout, prices on generators and batteries have gone up.