Simferopol / Aqmescit (QHA) -

The quality and speed with which Ukraine prepares its claim against Russian annexation of Crimea leave much more to be desired, Alexander Liev, former Minister of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea told to Gordon edition.

- While Russia has already been using annexed Crimea, including the "Chornomornaftohaz" (Ukrainian oil and gas company) and other resources for year and a half, we haven’t even assessed the case value. This is negligent and wasteful. Had this work been done the claim had been considered by the European Court, it would strengthen Ukraine's position in the negotiations. But Ukraine is less likely to protect their interests. America and the European Union have made far more, imposing sanctions and making quite a lot for Crimea to became a burden for Russia, said Liev.

Just a reminder: Alexander Liev also said that he had been threatened with physical violence because of his statements about the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

He also said that according to the rumors among Russians, a common ground concerning Crimea annexation was found long ago.