During today’s press conference, which broached on the Crimean Tatars’ intention to block the food supply routes to Crimea, the director of the ATR TV channel called on all patriots to unite in the fight against common enemy.

- Not only Crimean Tatars ought to become active, but the entire community should protect and support their legitimate right to live on their own land. For the fourth month I have been living in mainland Ukraine and we are fighting for our rights. The Ukrainian authorities are weak and they do not want to protect us, said Islyamov.

According to Islyamov, society has almost got used to the unacceptable idea that the peninsula has been lost. The Tartars, in their turn, won’t give up on their over-persuasions since this is their home ground.

‘If we are a state - we ought to do it,’ said Lenur Islyamov. According to him, a headquarter, able to unite patriots who are ready to fight for Crimea, is to be created during the upcoming Crimea blocking campaign.