In an interview with Obozrevatel, the Coordinator of the Crimean Civil blockade Lenur Islyamov said he sees only two ways to return the occupied peninsula under Ukraine’s control.

According to Islyamov, a peaceful way must start with Verkhovna Rada’s recognition of the Crimean Tatars as an indigenous people of the peninsula and the establishment of the Crimean Tatar national autonomy within Ukraine.

- The MPs of the Verkhovna Rada must pose this question seriously and give 300 votes. Then we will voluntarily reissue passports with the Crimean Tatar national autonomy being provided in them, said the activist.

He went on saying that Crimean Tatars are actively working on it as part of the Ukrainian delegation to the UN.

- In addition to voting in Verkhovna Rada, it is necessary that the international comminity also recognizes the peninsula as the Crimean Tatar territory. This will give Ukraine a strong legal leverage over the occupier, said Islyamov.

According to him, the last resolution of the European Parliament, which recognizes Crimean Tatar as indigenous population of the peninsula, gives Crimean Tatars a right to self-determination, as provided in the relevant UN resolution.

- The Crimean Tatars are the key for returning Crimea under Ukraine’s control. Russians won’t understand it. Their imperial ambitions leave out such nuances, said Lenur Islyamov.

However, the Coordinator of the Crimean Civil blockade does not rule out a military scenario.

- I think Russia can foment a war with Turkey over Syria. Most likely, this will happen very soon. In this case, the Bosphorus and Dardanelles will be closed and Ukraine will get a chance to regain Crimea by force, the activist said.

He also noted that Crimean Tatars have already submitted proposals on the de-occupation of the peninsula to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and currently they are awaiting for response from the country's top leadership.