Lenur Islyamov, a coordinator of Crimea’s blockade, went to Chongar to convince civil activists of the need to have one of the transmission towers repaired, Islaymov said an interview with 112.Ukraina he gave prior to chairing a meeting of the blockade coordination center.

“Yesterday, I arrived in Kiev and talked to Mejlis members. Now I am going back to Chongar to explain everything to the activists there. We don’t discuss matters like this on the phone. That is the decision we made. Because a humanitarian disaster is looming in Crimea, Mustafa Jemilev and Refat Chubarov are under a lot of pressure not only from the Ukrainian authorities but also from international community. I’m talking about France which is making the Mejlis look like some kind of a terrorist organization. There are some things we honestly don’t understand. Europeans cannot fully appreciate our position. But that is quite a different story. Secondly, on behalf of the blockade’s organizers I call on the Ukrainian MPs to adopt a law prohibiting electricity supplies to the occupied territory,” Islyamov said.

It was reported earlier by QHA that repair crews attempted to repair one of the damaged transmission towers preventing power supplies to Firtash-owned Titan plant. However, the repair crews, who were escorted by police and SSU personnel, were stopped from doing so by Pravy Sector members. The Pravy Sector later issued a statement saying that it would stop taking part in Crimea’s blockade if power supplies to the peninsula are resumed.