This information Lenur Islyamov, the coordinator of the Crimean blockade and owner of the Crimean Tatar ATR TV Channel, said in interview with

- When we launched this campaign, we were aware that our activists would be subjected to persecution. But Crimean Tatars are not prim young ladies, they are ready to die for their country. Searches will make them stronger. The Russian authorities won’t succeed in anything since for Mejlis and Kurultai members it is only honor. The only thing I wish is mainland Ukraine to make at least a statement of support. It is very important for us, said Islyamov.

The blockade chief coordinator also said he has already been reported on ten searches.

- There is no electricity and communications. We get to hear about current situation in Crimea only from people leaving the peninsula. And not everyone is allowed to do it. Moscow FSB (Federal Security Service- ed.) searches Crimean Tatars on charges of blowing up the transmission power lines. They reckon all Crimean Tatars to be among us - those who on the mainland Ukraine are pushing for termination of power supply to Crimea. So they suffer because of us as well. But for them it is an honor - even to resist the occupier, the enemy, explained Islyamov.

As QHA (Crimean News Agency) reported earlier, Wednesday morning, Dec 2, the FSB officers came to search a house of Ilver Ametov, Chairman of the Sudak regional Mejlis.