The League of the Crimean Tatar women, headed by Safinar Dzhemileva, wife of the Ukraine’s President Commissioner on the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, is being expelled from office.

As Safinar Dzhemileva told the QHA (Crimean News Agency), the members of the organization have learned about it from the letter by Gulnara Yagyaeva, the Director of the Crimean Tatar Library named after I.Gasprinskiy. The League office, located on the library territory, has already been cut off electricity and heating.

- The library director Gulnara Yagyaeva sent us a letter saying we are to clear off. The electrcity and heating have been cut off. We are packing our things and on Tuesday we will take them away, told Safinar Hanim.

According to her, in a letter the library director appealed to the League members with a "maternal care", reasoning the decision to evict the organization by the fact that the building is old, it can collapse.

- They have wanted to drive us out for a long time, now they simply have a very good chance. No one will protect us, we have no one to appeal to. They are booting us out "on the sly". This building doesn’t belong to anyone, it is not unregistered anywhere. All the houses in this yard were built illegally, but nobody touched them, everyone was sitting there quietly. And now we are the last who remained. We had a warehouse for humanitarian aid there and one room where we gathered, said the Chairman of the League of Crimean Tatar Women.

Over its 20-year activity the socio-political organization "League of Crimean Tatar Women" has carried out a large number of charitable activities.

- Along with Yuksel (Ismet Yuksel, the Advisor to the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, the general coordinator of the QHA News Agency - ed.) the League gave scholarships to hundreds of students. We organized festivals and New Year shows in different Crimean cities, presented gifts on behalf of the Mejlis, helped orphans and large families. Tons of humanitarian aid has been given to so many Crimean Tatars. Our activity was versatile. We arranged commemorative events for our famous Crimean Tatars - writers, artists and politicians, held book launches, helped the development of the children's magazine "Armanchyk", as well as publishing of women's magazine "Arzi", launched a book "Faithful daughters of Crimea", said Safinar Dzhemileva.

In 2014, the League of the Crimean Tatar Women was to celebrate its 20th anniversary. However, the organization was forced to suspend its work since it has not undergone the re-registration under the Russian law.