The defendant claims to have arrived to the Verhovna Rada after the August 31 events had taken place. Evidence has also been furnished of Stepura’s non-involvement in the crimes he is being charged with.

Stepura also insists that his rights were grossly infringed upon by the officers placing him under arrest. The officers failed to read him his rights and forbade his lawyer from seeing him for a long time. “They kept me lying on the cell’s floor for several hours, and also took away my phones and personal belongings. All of my requests for a phone call to be made to my lawyers or relatives were ignored, which qualifies as a human rights violation. They didn’t mention in the detention report seizing 4 telephones, a laptop and a passport, either,” said Stepura.

According to him, the arrest was politically motivated. On August 31, policemen placed every single one under arrest, including those who they had tip-offs on.

The Pecherskiy District Court has ruled that Igor Stepura be released from custody in the court room and placed under house arrest for the duration of investigation. The suspect is to be taken to the Kirovograd region and made to wear a tracking device to ensure enforcement of the court’s verdict.

“I’m glad the court has handed down a fair verdict. I hope the rest of the suspects, who are actually not guilty, will also be acquitted,” said Stepura.