As soon as the decision on "recognition of the Mejlis an extremist organization” comes into force, there may be individual criminal prosecution not only against the members of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, but also representatives of local Mejlises, Cyril Koroteev, lawyer of the Russian ‘Memorial’ Human Rights Center, stated during a video conference from Moscow entitled "The Mejlis case: How to protect the Crimean Tatars’ rights in occupied Crimea", according to a QHA correspondent.

“Crimean Prosecutor's Office believes that the court's decision applies not only to the Mejlis, but also to all regional and local Mejlises in Crimea. This means that the number of people who may be affected by such a decision later on can actually stand at thousands. There is a high risk of creating an easy way for repression,” he said.

The lawyer also stressed that any public information is sufficient for prosecution.

“Thus, the fact of the Mejlis membership may be treated as a crime. It is more serious crime for the founders and leaders of the organization than for its members. In general, these "crimes" are very easy to investigate. The investigator can just get information on the Mejlis members from its website, initiate a case and send it to the court,” Koroteev said.

Photo: Internet