Russia will take military-technical measures in case Sweden joins the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Sweden's accession to NATO membership would trigger in Russia an idea to get ready for the attack.

- If Sweden decides to join NATO, we will start thinking the Swedes are going to attack us. I can say it straight away. In that situation the Swedish military infrastructure will be subject to the Supreme Command of NATO. Thus, we will have to take the necessary military and technical measures on our northern borders as we understand that on other side of the border there is a military-political bloc, which considers Russia to be a threat and wants to restrain it in every possible way, Lavrov said in an interview with Dagens Nyheter.

The Minister did not specify the steps Russia can take saying it is concern of the military - the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of Russia.

- It's one thing when you've got neutral neighboring states on the north border and quite another thing when these are NATO members that recently have started claiming their goal is to hold Russia, calling it a major threat, said Lavrov.

As QHA reported earlier, Germany does not want Ukraine to take part in the this year’s NATO drills in Eastern Europe "Anaconda-2016," due to be held in Poland and in the Baltic Sea. Poland, in turn, insists that Kiev's participation in the exercises is "a key thing."

Photo: Internet