Lavrov personally signed Budapest Memorandum (DOCUMENT)

Russia treats the Budapest Memorandum as selectively as the Minsk Agreements.

1 February 2016 10:00

Oleksiy Makeev, Director of the Department of Policy and Communications of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, posted on Twitter a document signed by the Russian Minister.

“No Russia's obligations under the Budapest memorandum?” Makeev wrote.

Just a reminder: In his response to Lavrov’s statement on the Budapest Memorandum, Pavlo Klimkin,  Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, called upon him to "carefully re-read the entire text of the Budapest Memorandum and make sure that there are not only paragraphs 4 and 5, which refer to nuclear weapons."

“Once again I was convinced of a particular reading by the Russian side of international documents  – as with Minsk Agreements, Moscow reads the Budapest Memorandum from the end, and very selectively,”  Klimkin said in his interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

PHOTO: Internet