(QHA) -

Latvia's foreign minister has accused Russia of gross human rights abuses in Crimea. Edgar Rinkevics said in a statement that the treatment of Crimean Tatars by authorities in the peninsula is "in essence ethnic cleansing.

 “It is the lack of decisive action on the part of organizations such as the OSCE and the Council of Europe that is evident here. We must not forget about this particular problem”, - asserted Foreign Minister Rinkevics, referring to recent case of searches in Muslims homes all over Crimea.

Edgars Rinkevics was speaking, at the meeting of Foreign Ministers heads of Euro-Atlantic International Organizations – the EU, the OSCE, and the Council of Europe at the NATO Summit in Wales.

The Minister noted that in Crimea and now also in Eastern Ukraine we see another “frozen conflict” taking shape. All possibilities and instruments at the disposal of international organizations should be explored and utilized so as to prevent a development along these lines. Events in Ukraine have also illustrated the necessity of finding a balance between media freedom and the work of countering propaganda and blatant lies.

“Information war is one of the emerging challenges and should also be given attention at international organizations”, Edgars Rinkevics emphasized.