Ukrainian authorities have decided to launch a lawsuit against Russian energy giant Gazprom, acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk announced, Ukrinform reports.

Yatseniuk said that within 30 days the Russian monopoly would have to answer the following questions, particularly the question of the price, and the revision of a number of conditions.

"We are insisting that the price set at the beginning of this year is market-oriented and that this price be extended. In addition, the government of Ukraine proposes a meeting with representatives of Russian company Gazprom in London to discuss pre-arbitration claims," he said.

Yatseniuk said that if respective agreements are not reached within a month, it will mean that Ukraine will switch from pre-arbitration settlement to litigation with Russian monopoly Gazprom.

"We believe our position is legitimate and the Ukrainian government clearly declared that we will fight for our national rights and our interests by all legal means. The main legal method is a court in Stockholm," he said.