Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied reports in the Russian media alleging that the military operation in Syria cost Russia RUB 38 billion, RIA Novosti reports.

When asked if the Kremlyn received information about the cost of the military operation in Syria, Peskov gave a vague and evasive answer.

“No, we received no such information,” Peskov told reporters.

He also said that the amount mentioned in the media reports did not match the actual figure.

“No, it does not. You should probably ask this respectable publication where it came by this information,” Peskov said.

It was reported earlier that RBK, a Russian media outlet, estimated that Russia might have spent some RUB 38 billion on the operation in Syria, including sorties, salaries and daily upkeep of the military personnel, shipments delivery, as well as logistics costs.

A total of 70 warplanes, including the latest Su-35 fighter jets, as well S-400 missiles, were deployed on the Khmeimim airbase at the outset of the operation.

In its December 2015 report, Bloomberg, citing a source within the Russian government, projected the total cost of the campaign in Syria at $1,2 billion or $3,28 million a day.