The representative of Crimea in the Federation Council of Russia Olga Kovitidi confirmed the information about ban to Mustafa Jemilev to enter the territory of Russian Federation and Crimea.

“This ban is a forced measure. Unfortunately, all the statements made by Mustafa Jemilev does not promote stabilization of situation in the region”- she said.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Jemilev turned to be a ‘leader without the people’. Crimean Tatars support another leaders and today’s situation proves it. There are Crimean Tatar representatives in Crimean government, among them competent vice-premier (Lenur Islyamov,-ed.)”- she added.

Mrs.Kovitidi confirmed that Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev will be not allowed to Crimea till 2019.

“You question why? Because in my opinion 5 years will be enough for Mr. Jemilev to understand that his efforts should be pointed toward strengthening peace and stability in the region, not to destabilizing the situation”- she noted.

To recall, April 22, when crossing Crimea's administrative and territorial border with Ukraine, Crimean Tatar leader Mstafa Jemilev was handed an act of notice banning his entry to the Russian Federation and Crimea for 5 years.

Meanwhile Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS) denied the information of ban.