All economic ties between Crimea and Ukraine must be severed as long as the current government in Kiev is in power, Novosti Kryma quotes Konstantinov, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament, as saying in an interview with Russia Today radio station. Konstantinov emphasized that he would do his utmost to prevent a sea blockade from being imposed. He also said that Russian border guards in Crimea are authorized to use extreme and lethal force in the execution of their duties.

“We should be realistic about it – there is a war going on against Crimea. Me and Sergey Alekseyevich (Aksyonov – QHA) have looked into the situation and come up with the conclusion that we need to totally isolate ourselves from Ukraine.  We don’t want anything from them - we’ll simply cut ourselves off. We’ll only leave a humanitarian corridor for relatives that will be tightly controlled so no scum arrives from there to Crimea,” said Konstantinov.

According to the Speaker, operators of the hot line launched by the Crimean Parliament, keep getting calls from Crimean residents urging them not to resume energy imports from Ukraine. He is also aware of the fact that Ukraine is not overanxious to meet its commitments under a contract on energy supplies to Crimea.

“They are not going to supply Crimea with electricity. This is just a ploy to fool their citizens and demonstrate their willingness to ‘rectify the situation’ to the Western countries where people have a different kind of mentality,” said Konstantinov.

Konstantinov went on to say that he was not so much surprised and outraged by the stance taken by the Ukrainian government, which was quite predictable, as by the position of common Ukrainians.

“I have known many of them for quite some time and cannot help being surprised by the lack of sympathy they've been demonstrating towards common Crimeans. How do they expect us to treat them when they come here on vacation?" asks Konstantinov.