While numerous anti-government protests are taking place across Ukraine, Crimea also holding rallies in support of the President Viktor Yanukovych and Ukraine’s accession to the Customs Union with Russia. Amid the events, Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov left for Russia to strengthen relations with Russian partners. In the course of his visit to Moscow, Konstantinov gave interviews to Russian TV channels. In his interview to “Russia-24”, he told about “extremists and neo-Nazi, who spread the virus across the country”. At the same time, Konstantinov said that Crimea stays a rather stable region of the country: “Crimea is a stable region. Nevertheless, the whole country is in a political crisis. Leaders of the crisis are the extremists groups but ‘dressed in political causes’. ..This crisis is a neo-Nazi crisis under the portraits of Stepan Bandera and other Nazi collaborators…. This extremism is spreading across the country as a virus. We, in the Crimean autonomy are trying to stop this crisis at the border and not let it crawl into our stable region”. As reported, on day when several rallies were scheduled in Crimea, the Speaker left Crimea. As it turned out, he left for Moscow.