(QHA) -

Vladimir Konstantinov was appointed speaker of Crimean Parliament, with 75 deputies voted in favor. The vote of the Parliament was held behind the closed doors.

There were no other nominees for the post of parliament speaker. Konstantinov’s candidature was nominated during the conference of regional “United Russia” party. LDPR party (Russian Liberal Democratic Party) also backed his candidature.

Konstantin Bakharev -- leader of “United Russia” in Crimea -- was appointed first deputy of Konstantinov, while Remzi Ilyasov and Andrey Kozenko apoointed deputy speakers of Crimean Parliament.

The appointments come days after Crimean Parliament elections, first elections in Crimea since its unification with Russia were held.

Russia’s ruling United Russia party has won more than 70% of votes, with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) and Communist Party (CPRF)  also winning seats in the Paliament.

Meanwhile, the European Union refused to recognize the legitimacy of elections held in Crimea.