When asked by a QHA correspondent whether he is confident of his victory, as there was a little political advertising during the second round of elections, Vitaly Klitschko said,

“I know that many people are tired of political advertising, billboards, portraits spread throughout Kyiv, so we decided not to do any outdoor advertising.”

Klitschko said that the main task of the metropolitan government is to establish order in Kyiv, where funds were plundered. Due to this fact and lack of investments, the infrastructure of the capital, especially its roads are now in poor conditions.

“I can report that this year we have increases the budget of Kyiv by 30% because we made all the processes open, and money that used to be ‘glued’ to the hands of dishonest officials is now going to the budget. And that’s just the beginning. We started to invest into roads and education, attracting investments to make Kyiv meet the requirements of the capital. We select people to make a team. I am confident we meet the challenges we face now and implement our projects,” Vitaly Klitchko said encouraging the citizens of Kyiv and thanking those who believed him and gave him their votes.