Pavel Klimkin, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, came to the Verkhovna Rada to report on the results of the negotiations in Paris. He stressed that the question of granting a special status to Donbass was not discussed by the ‘Normandy Four’. According to him, what is now referred to as ‘special status’ is nothing but specifics of local self-governance, which is why a special status is and will be out of question.

Commenting on the problem of amnesty and immunity for election campaign candidates, Klimkin said the immunity would only be in place for a limited time. All those guilty of violating Ukrainian laws will be made responsible for that and should not be amnestied.

Refat Chubarov, Mejlis Chairman, asked Mr Klimkin if it makes sense to continue to negotiate with Russia and believe promises made by its leaders after it has violated and is continuing to violate its international commitments. Chubarov also inquired if the question of liberation of Crimea was on the agenda of the negotiations.

Answering Mr Chubarov’s questions, Klimkin said that Ukraine’s top priority at the moment is putting an end to the conflict in Donbass and bringing it under Ukrainian jurisdiction. However, Ukraine and its international partners keep raising the subject of Crimea which has lost none of its relevance. According to Klimkin, Crimea will be liberated as soon as Donbass is free.