According to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russia might negotiate a lease on Crimea with Ukraine before giving it back - as it was the case with Great Britain’s Hong Kong, said Yelean Galkina, a Russian political scientist,  in an interview with QHA.

“Khodorkovsky believes what happened with Hong Kong might be done with Crimea. He claims Russia might lease the peninsula before giving it back to Ukraine as per accepted international procedures,” said Galkina.

According to Galkina, ‘this is a workable solution that might help gain the support of the key stakeholders. However, few Russian opposition politicians know about Khodorkovsky’s solution for Crimea’.

“Khodorkovskiy is running his election campaign from London. That is exactly where individuals that might be acceptable to the Russian and Western elites get screened before being chosen for the role of Russia’s leaders after the fall of the Putin regime”, said Yelena Galkina.

It was reported earlier that Russian opposition parties intend to overcome the 5% hurdle at the September 18, 2016 elections by taking away seats from the United Russia pro-Kremlin party.

Eduard Solodovnik