(QHA) -

A Krasnodar court has allowed an application from Khayser Jemilev’s lawyers and appointed trial by jury.

In May 2013 Khayser Jemilev shot dead Fevzi Edemov who was working as a guard to the family. All the evidence indicates that this was a tragic accident, and that the correct charge should be of manslaughter through careless use of firearms.

Khayser Jemilev now is being held on three charges under the Russian Criminal Code, including murder and the illegal possession of weapons.

RIA Novosti claims that the case was referred to the Russian Supreme Court after being investigated in Crime because the ‘republican court in Crimea has yet to be formed” since Russian annexation. The Supreme Court supposedly ruled that it should be heard by a Krasnodar court.

European Court of Human Rights on July 10 last year applied Rule 39, ordering the young Jemiliev’s release from custody.

Ukraine’s Human Rights Ombudsperson Valeria Lutkovska has addressed an open appeal to her counterpart in Russia, Ella Pamfilova, saying that Khayser Jemilev is being held as a hostage, and that he is being illegally prosecuted under Russian legislation.