The leader of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky claimed that Kharkiv, Donbass and Crimea are Russian lands, not Ukrainian. He said that to the Russian news channel “Russia 24”, reports Vesti. Besides, Russian politician resents that higher educational establishments of Ukraine teach in Ukrainian language. “Donbass is Russia, Crimea is Russia…. Peter the 1st gave out a town close to Kharkiv… Kharkiv is a Russian city. Then Stalin gives out Donbass! Then Khrushchev does the same with Crimea. What is that? What kind of politics is that?” stressed Zhirinovksiy. “Now, millions of Russians living there have to educate their children in Ukrainian language. All universities there are transferring to Ukrainian. There is less and less of Russian language. Why Russian people should be deprived of their native language? It was all done by the Communists”, said head of LDPR.