(QHA) - Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said Monday that no progress had been achieved by recent peace efforts exerted by US Secretary of State John Kerry, adding that a number of outstanding issues continued to thwart a deal between Palestinians and Israelis, World bulletin reports. Al-Maliki said that during his meeting with Arab foreign ministers in Paris, Kerry had briefed the latter about ideas discussed with both Palestinian and Israeli negotiators, and the objections raised by both. Kerry, al-Maliki said, had outlined the need for Arab support for his peacemaking drive, adding that Israel's so-called "Jewish character" remained a main point in discussions between the US State Secretary and Arab FMs. Last week, Kerry – in his tenth such trip to the Middle East for peace talks – visited Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in a fresh bid to promote peace talks between the perennial adversaries. The Washington-sponsored negotiations resumed last July after a three-year hiatus.