(QHA) - In a signal of American unhappiness with Ukraine’s decision to distance itself from the European Union, Secretary of State John Kerry plans to skip a long anticipated visit to Kyiv this week, informs New York Times. Instead, Mr. Kerry will visit Moldova on Wednesday, a small nation of 3.6 million that has pursued closer ties with the European Union in the face of intense pressure from Moscow. “We wanted to send a very strong signal of support for those countries that have moved forward with the EU because of what it means to their commitment to reform,” a senior US State Department official said, according to RIA Novosti. The State Department official told reporters that had Ukraine signed agreements at an EU summit in Vilnius last week, “it would have been a tougher decision” whether Kerry should attend an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe summit in Kiev this week. “But since that didn’t happen, we’re going where the European decisions were made,” the official said. As reported, Moldova and another former Soviet republic, Georgia, signed agreements at the Vilnius summit that put the two countries on a path to stronger economic ties with Europe.