(QHA) -

US Secretary of State John Kerry has harshly condemned Russia’s deployment of troops in the autonomous Ukrainian region of Crimea.

Kerry called Russia’s actions “19th century behavior” and accused Moscow of using the pretext of protecting its citizens abroad to legitimize what is effectively an invasion of a sovereign country.

"There are all kinds of alternatives. But Russia has chosen this aggressive act which really puts in question Russia's role in the world, and Russia's willingness to be a modern nation and part of the G-8”, Kerry said on the American ABC network.

“All options are on the table. This is a time for diplomacy, and nobody wants to see things escalate”, he added.

The State Secretary revealed that sanctions may be used against Russia, which could include visa bans for officials, asset freezes, and isolation in the international community.

World leaders have already expressed their intent to boycott the G-8 Summit in Sochi this June.