According to Jemilev, the blockade organizers are prepared to let the repair crews fix two of the four power lines which supply power to the Khersonskaya and Zaporozhskaya regions.

“We’ll let the repair crews do partial repairs of the power lines. There is a power line via which power is supplied to some areas of the Khersonskaya region in bypass of Crimea. Currently no power is being supplied via it either, so we’ll let them repair this exact power line. We don’t want people in mainland Ukraine to be affected,” said Jemilev.

Resuming power supplies to Crimea is only possible after political prisoners, both in Crimea and Russia, have been released, says Jemilev.

It was reported earlier that Crimea was hit by a power outage on November 22 after four power lines in the Kherson region were blown up.