(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev has called on Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, who has been detained in Russia, to end her hunger strike.

"Nadia, daughter, there is no sense to continue the hunger strike. Russia is not a country where humane principles exist," -Jemilev said in an interview with the Gordon news site.

It should be noted that Jemilev, 71, who served six sentences in Soviet prison camps from 1966 to 1986, was force-fed during a 303-day hunger strike, the longest in the history of the Soviet human rights movement.

Savchenko was captured by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine last year and transported to Russia, where she faces charges of involvement in the death of two journalists killed in the conflict between the rebels and government forces—charges that she denies.

Savchenko, claiming that Russia has no right to prosecute her, started a hunger strike on December 13 said she will not stop untill she is released.