(QHA) -

Turkey cannot take separate steps against Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.

Leader of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev said on the air of “Chas. Time” show on April 3.

Mr. Jemilev believes that economical dependence prevents Turkey from taking “more active measures against Russia”.

“About 50% of Turkish gas is imported from Russia; moreover goods turnover between the two countries estimated at $38 billion. If the ties sever the economics would be in critical situation”- he said.

Earlier Jemilev called on Turkey to close the Bosporus strait for Russian warships, and to place Turkish ships closer to Crimean peninsula to make Russia “feel not so confident”. Still Turkey refused, saying it contradict international treaties and needs the NATO decision on the issue.

Nevertheless, Ankara says it does not recognize Crimean annexation and considers the peninsula Part of Ukraine.