(QHA) -

Crimean Tatar leader, Ukraine's Presidential Commissioner on Crimean Tatar Issues Mustafa Jemilev to make a report on the situation in Crimea in Brussels March 16, press service of the commissioner informs.

NATO representatives, as well as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, will meet in Brussels March 16.

“Crimean situation is one of the issues that to be discussed. Mustafa Jemilev has complied with a request made by Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to participate in the event and make a report about the current situation in the region”- press- service of the commissioner said.

Meanwhile, the rights organization Freedom House released a new report on March 4 detailing rights abuses in the Crimean Peninsula since the region’s unification with Russia, saying the Kremlin sought to suppress reporting of such abuses by creating a so-called "information ghetto" in Crimea through a crackdown on local and foreign media.