A press briefing attended by Mustafa Jemilev, Leader of Crimean Tatars and Adviser to Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatar Affairs, was held at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

“Repairs are now underway and in 2 to 4 days one of the transmission lines with a transmission capacity of 220 MW will be back online. The decision on whether or not to resume power supplies will be made jointly. The current contract on energy supplies to Crimea does not meet Ukraine’s interests and will therefore have to be revised. As it is known, it expires on January 1 next year,” said Mustafa Jemilev.

According to Jemilev, Crimea is capable of generating a total of 300 MW.

“That is enough to cover the energy needs of Crimean households, hospitals, schools and so on. However, and this is hardly surprising, the power is supplied to the FSS and military, as well as Putin billboards lining up roads in Crimea. They also came up with a rolling blackouts schedule. Today is a day off. Schools are closed, which made kids really happy. Backup generators are now running in hospitals,” said the MP.

Jemilev also shared information on what was under discussion at a yesterday meeting held at the Cabinet of Ministers.

“We are supplying electricity to occupied Crimea while Russia is supplying electricity to northern Ukraine, with a third of it being supplied to the areas occupied by separatists. I mean, we are paying Russia to keep our separatists warm. I believe, the contract should be revised,” Jemilev said.