Ex-head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev says NATO should intervene in Crimea, as it did in Kosovo.

"NATO intervention usually only happens when there is a massacre; we want it to happen before there is a massacre"- he stessted, Ukrainian ICTV channel reports.

Mr. Jemilev is now in Brussels, where he is due to meet with NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow and Secretary-General of the European External Action Service Pierre Vimont.

To recall, Mr. Jemilev had a phone conversation with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which lasted for 40 minutes. They spoke about the situation in Crimea, the need for peaceful settlement of the issue through diplomatic channels, preserving the integrity of Ukraine as well as ensuring safety of Crimean residents, Crimean Tatars in particular.

Meanwhile, Russia is building up its military presence on the eastern border of Ukraine, Crimea remains under the control of Russian forces that continue their blockade of critical Ukrainian military sites. 

According to Ukrainian Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh there are about 20,000 Russian troops in Crimea.