Documents concerning deportation of Crimean Tatars are still in the archives of Russian special services and are inaccessible to researchers.

Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev noted this during the press conference in Kyiv, adding that Crimean Tatars take interest in the Ukrainian Security Service’s (SBU) materials of recent years.

The announcement comes days after Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) gave Jemilev 4 volumes of archive documents, concerning Crimean Tatar deportation of 1944.

“Most of the materials were familiar to us. They will be of use to historians and researches. Still we take interest in materials of recent years, materials on undermining activities of SBU that in fact was a branch of FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia), Jemilev said. Still these documents will not be declassified yet”- he added.