(QHA) -

A suit against Russian Federal Migration Service (FSB) brought by Mustafa Jemilev, which was to take place Thursday was postponed.

This comes Mark Feygin, has filed a lawsuit at Moscow's Basmanny Court to declare illegal Jemilev’s ban on entry into Russia, seeking legal grounds for the ban.

Authorities in Crimea barred the Crimean Tatar leader from returning to the breakaway region and Russia for five years as he left 22 April 2014 for meetings in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Mustafa Jemilev had been handed a notice which carried a photograph of a typed sheet of paper, unsigned and without letterhead, headed: "Notification of non-permission of entry to the Russian Federation". It said "Mustafa Dzhemilev ... citizen of Ukraine" was denied entry to Russia on the basis of federal law for five years until April 19, 2019.

Russia's Federal Migration Service declined comment.