Under a decree issued by the Russian government, more than 220 historic and cultural objects in Crimea have been assigned a status of ‘federally important’.

According to Ukrainian MP Mustafa Jemilev, due to such actions Russia is gaining a reputation of an occupant.

“By grabbing whatever they can, Russians are acting like 17th century conquerors. Russia is perfectly aware that it is acting in violation of every thinkable and unthinkable laws.

By taking over objects of historical importance, Russia is rendering meaningless all the efforts of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars to have historic objects of Crimea recognized as UNESCO legacy.

“Annexation of Crimea has put an end to our cooperation with UNESCO. Now this international organization will not be taking care of Crimean historic objects, which was possible when Crimea was under Ukrainian jurisdiction. They [Russia - QHA] are causing serious damage to cultural objects of Crimea. Let them have them because they will have to give them back sooner or later. So, it is not really important to us when they do something like this,” said Jemilev.

Jemilev emphasized that Russia is keeping international organizations out of Crimea, which is why they are unable to control neither human rights violations, nor the cultural legacy of Crimean Tatars.

“International organizations will not be operating in Crimea because it is currently under sanctions. As long as Crimea is occupied, nothing will happen there in terms of culture. All privatizations, handovers or any other actions in Crimea are illegitimate,” said Jemilev.

Jemilev went on to say that property in Crimea is being bought up by Russian citizens only. Crimeans themselves, who realize that Crimea may later become part of Ukraine again, are in no hurry to purchase property there because in Ukraine all such transactions will not be recognized as legitimate.

According to Jemilev, Aksyonov and his thugs used to do all kinds if vile things when Crimea was under Ukrainian jurisdiction. For example, they initiated a land dispute over the area where the Church of the Holy Dormition stands, thus preventing UNESCO from doing its work.

“A one-time accountant, who got convicted and is now Head of the Church, took advantage of his position and friendship with Aksyonov to seize a land plot owned by the Khan Palace. Mejlis insisted that the area be returned to its rightful owner.  However, UNESCO representatives said they could not do anything while there is a land dispute. Interestingly, Ukrainian authorities have done nothing to return the land plot to its rightful owner.

Jemilev said that Ukraine and Mejlis would have to work hard to get Crimea back and eliminate the consequences of Russian occupation. Surely, that does not only concern reclaiming the land plot on which the Khan Palace is located in Bakhchisrary.